Why us

We take care of all aspects of your home improvement needs, putting an emphasis on basement finishing.   Choosing Dynamic Basements Plus relieves you of the burden of finding a contractor for each phase of your project.  We will handle the coordinating of any demolition work, framing, electrical, plumbing, Drywall installation, Taping, Paint, Doors, windows, siding, and more!  All phases of your project will have permits pulled and will be completed to your towns codes.  Safety First!

Demolition- Whether its gutting your bathroom, kitchen, or tearing the roof off of your home to add on a new floor we are more than happy to help with the task.

Framing- All of our basements are framed with commercial grade 25 gauge metal studs because they are water proof, fire proof, mold resistant , and they are a perfectly straight material which makes a perfect job every time! 

Electrical- All electricians on the job are fully licensed and insured.  Most jobs take 1-2 day's to rough and once the drywall is finished they come back to install all outlet covers, trim kits for recessed lighting, etc.  We can help you with your electrical plan for cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, crown molding with back light, phone and cable lines, theater rooms and more! 

Plumbing- All of our licensed plumbers can complete the rough piping in 1-2 days.  If a bathroom is being installed in your basement we will have a location site for your shower before the framing begins. Once the framing is complete the plumber will rough in his pipes and install the shower.  Once the drywall is complete all fixtures will be installed

HVAC- Want to add another zone for your new space or existing home.  We have you covered.  All new mains and lines can be done in 1-3 days and once the drywall portion is complete they return to put on all supply and return covers.

Drywall & Taping- This is one of the very first things the owner at Dynamic Basements Plus learned back in 2002.  Most people say that it's the French Canadians that were the masters of the trade and that's exactly who the owner learned from.  His Father in Law is an old school Canadian, born in Quebec, who taught him how to be the very best at this trade.  Having a poor job done on the finishing phase of your walls can ruin any home improvement project so leave it up to us to give you walls as smooth as glass!  Installation of the drywall panels takes between 1-3 days in most cases, and the taping can take 1-6 days depending on the size of the job and how long things take to dry.

Paint- Just like the taping part of your project, if you have a bad paint job on your walls it can ruin the finish look of your project so leave it up to us to get your walls just right!

​Doors, Windows,and Trim- Since there is such a large variety of options to chose from, we work closely with you answering any questions you have about the different styles of doors, windows, and trim so that we can narrow down what works best for you and your budget.

Siding- From vinyl siding to cedar we can help you decide what will work best for you and your home.  Feel free to ask us about the different options and once we narrow down color and what type of siding, we can transform the exterior of your home giving it the curb appeal you've always wanted!

Flooring​- Just like Doors, windows, and trim, there are so many flooring options to chose from.  Take your pick from tile, hardwood, wood laminate, or carpet.  We can help you decide what works best for your style and budget.

Interior Design- We understand with the vast variety of flooring, paint color, vanities, and everything all the way down to window treatments can be a daunting task.  You can relieve yourself of that burden and put your trust in our interior design team.  Our design specialist will ask you a few simple questions like what colors you prefer, is your style modern, country, or rustic. Once you have narrowed down the look you want our design specialist will work their magic by creating a beautiful flow of style, function, and color to your new space.  


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